NEXTRADE is the digital B2B market place for suppliers and buyers in the home and living business. NEXTRADE is a uniform, digital order and data-management service for suppliers and buyers in just one system.

What advantages will NEXTRADE bring to visitors?

The advantage which NEXTRADE offers is that dealers can use one system, in which orders are possible at any day or night time. With just a few clicks the dealers can call up news, campaigns and product disposability across all suppliers. The corresponding pictures and data will be available for WWS and internet shops and can be imported in the desired format via nmedia's EDI clearing centre directly into the systems. Last but not least, the dealer can prepare and follow up his visit to the fair in an optimum way.

What advantages will NEXTRADE bring to suppliers?

The supplier will be available 24 hours a day to his trader partners. Using pictures and information, he can make his brands and products into an immediate experience for his buyers and significantly support efficiency in his own sales department. Every supplier will have his own shop within NEXTRADE and the supplier decides who has access to his shop.

Where can I get further information about NEXTRADE?

You can find more information at or

Daniel Zander ( Telephone: +49 211 54 23 24 30

Andre Schmidt ( Telephone: +49 211 54 23 24 27

Stefan Mauruschat ( Telephone: +49 211 54 23 24 28

Nicolaus Gedat ( Telephone: +49 211 54 23 24 33

How can I register for NEXTRADE?

If you wish to register for the NEXTRADE market place, please use the form on the website or contact us via:

Tel.: +49 211 54 23 24 25
Fax.: +49 211 54 23 24 26
e-mail: (

When does NEXTRADE start?

The NEXTRADE market is online since October 2019. At this time over 85 brands with 120.000 articles are already present on NEXTRADE.

Who runs NEXTRADE?

The operator is nmedia GmbH, Düsseldorf.

In which countries does NEXTRADE operate?

NEXTRADE is operating initially in Germany and Europe. But there is no regional restriction to the service, which will be supplied digitally in German and English.

How much does NEXTRADE cost?

€ 600 fixed annual fee and a sales-related commission on the orders received there. These costs will amount for EDI suppliers 1.5% and for all others 2.5% sales commission. For buyers NEXTRADE is free of charge.

Can anyone register for the platform and order there?

Any buyer (NOT private individuals) can register there. Whether a buyer can order from a supplier or not will be decided by the supplier itself, which will then activate the buyer's access to the shop (or not).